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EJAF Brightens Brighton-Based Charity’s Day
Posted by editor_usa

Friday 15
August 2008 @ 15:51

Elton’s organisation is to fund the treatment of hundreds of people in Sussex with HIV and AIDS.

The Sussex Beacon has been awarded a grant from the EJAF, which will ensure the future of one of its vital services for another three years.

The organisation’s health management services provide support and care for people who have been diagnosed with HIV or AIDS.

The money, which works out at about £45,000 a year, will also help the charity establish a scheme in which they will help people with their confidence, especially those who are considering going back to education or returning to work.

The grant will fund up to 1,000 sessions with clients.

Jackie Titley, head of health management services, said: We are delighted with the support from the Elton John AIDS Foundation. It is a real step forward.

Our services focus on empowerment and how clients can make informed and educated choices about how they want to manage living with HIV.

Having the money means we have that security over the next three years and that is very welcome.

We are helping around 100 people a year and we need to get the message out there that we are here and willing to help.

We try to make the service as accessible as possible and people can refer themselves if they want to.

Babs Evans, grants manager for the EJAF UK, said: We identified that some people living with HIV need additional support to manage HIV treatment, side effects and the emotional impact of diagnosis.

We are pleased to support the nurse-led health management service at the Sussex Beacon.

We believe this will enable many gay men living with HIV in the region to be as healthy as they can and play a part in reducing the numbers of people diagnosed with HIV in years to come.

The Beacon is a national care centre for people living with HIV and is one of only two in the country.

For the last 15 years it has been providing services for people with HIV who stay in its ten-bed unit or access its health management services.

Needs vary from residential care to recovery from a hospital stay, terminal care or adaptation to medication.  

To learn more about the philanthropy, visit uk.

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