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Easy Rider
Posted by editor_usa

Backstage at Elton’s South Dakota Show

Wednesday 10
October 2007 @ 16:50

KSFY has disclosed Elton’s rider requests for his recent Sioux Falls gig.

One involved a beverage.

“Hot tea! These guys are British, so you’ve gotta have hot tea for the crew and for Sir Elton,” said Russ De Curtins, Sioux Falls Arena Executive Director.

And according to a rider from a previous show, Elton’s wishes include a fresh fruit basket, absolutely no cold cuts and security getting used to the fact that the headliner will not be wearing a tacky backstage pass.

Of course, the decor must be perfect. Locker rooms are draped with fabric and must include full living room sets, four green plants and a bouquet of flowers with no chrysanthemums, lilies, carnations, or daisies.

“These venues, these dressing room that these guys are in, are their home away from home for a few days and our goal is just to make them as comfortable as possible,” stated Curtins.

But there was one special request which was a surprise.

“One of the requests that came in kind of late and we did have to scramble for because we weren’t quite ready for it was because it’s Sunday and the crew will be here all day, they wanted to watch football,” said Curtins. 

But overall, compared to what they’ve seen before, Sir Elton John was easy to accommodate.

“It just shows that Sir Elton and his crew, they’re down to earth. They’re just normal people,” said Curtins.

The Convention Center takes care of any changes that need to be made to the facilities, but they’re not responsible for paying for those requests. The event promoters are the ones who pick up the bill.

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