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Don’t Walk Away Renee
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Was chatting to Elton overwhelming for “twig” actress Zellweger?

Thursday 12
December 2002 @ 23:47

It was all smiles when Hollywood beauty Renee Zellweger was asked to pose alongside her co-star Richard Gere and his wife Carey, according to one UK tabloid newspaper on December 11, 2002.

But it was a different scene altogether when the cameras stopped clicking…After spending an hour mingling with the stars and chatting to Elton on David Furnish‘s mobile, the twig-like actress was all emotional when she retreated to the bathroom.

Pouring her heart out to one of her staff, the 33-year-old wailed: “I don’t know what to do. I don’t feel very good. I feel really tired.”

But jokes aside, Zellweger is looking so frail these days, friends are said to be seriously worried about her health.

At the premiere party for her film Chicago at London’s Cafe Royal last weekend, a source told The Daily Dish on December 12, 2002: “Her friend Elton was practically trying to put an hors d’oeuvre in her mouth. He raised it to her lips and said, ‘Come on, have something.’ Elton and David Furnish were trying to cheer her up.”

But the actress still refused to eat, the source added.

London’s Daily Mail reports that the star, who plays Roxie Hart in the film version of Bob Fosse‘s Broadway musical, “was staggering around the VIP lounge with David’s phone and having a very animated conversation interspersed with hysterical giggling.”

Things seemed to get worse later when, our source says, “She ran into the bathroom.” According to London’s Express, “Renee’s people [were] gathered outside discussing whether or not to call an ambulance. It sounded serious.”

And a friend of the actress was overheard by The Express saying, “She hasn’t eaten all day. She was being sick. We’ve got to get her home.” About 30 minutes later, she was escorted from the party. The actress, who looks so thin in Chicago she makes Catherine Zeta-Jones appear fleshy, looked slim but healthy at the movie’s premiere in Beverly Hills on Tuesday night. A rep for the Buena Vista film company said: “Renee wasn’t sick [in London] as far as I am aware. If she was looking distressed, it would have been because she was absolutely exhausted.

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