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Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me
Posted by editor_usa

In UK Exclusive, Elton Discusses Music, Sports and Twitter

Monday 23
July 2012 @ 17:00

Elton has described Amy Winehouse‘s death as “one of the greatest tragedies.”


The pianist paid tribute to Winehouse, who died in her house in Camden a year ago today.

He told The Sun: “It’s incredible that it’s been a year. It’s one of the greatest tragedies. I saw her at the Shepherds Bush Empire when shed just got married to Blake. It was a sensational show.

“I saw her afterwards and said, ‘I’ve seen all the great singers, and you’re up there with all of them’. She never really recorded that much. She made two albums and bits and bobs which came out on Lioness, that’s it. You have to feel for her parents and family.”


Another young act Elton addressed was One Direction.


The singer said: If I had to give them advice I would say keep your original friends, keep good counsel with them.

Try not to get too carried away with the clubs and all that cr*p but its very difficult, because I did.

If you enjoy it, youre young, its a different thing, just go for it.

Just make sure you dont get too drunk. What am I saying I did the f***ing same! Just go for it and see what happens.

The thing is, it was just me. There are five of them together, they have each other to keep strong.

Niall and Harry have now been in the paper a lot. I feel for them but Im thrilled for them. Theyre also having a great time.

Enjoy it, for f***s sake enjoy it. If you dont enjoy it then theres no point.

As for his own profession, Elton believes it could all be over in a flash if he signed up for Twitter.

He laughed as he told The Sun: It would end my career. Id be in prison after about two days.

I mean, no, God almighty. Me and my big mouth, no thank you. That would be the end of the career.

And as for the Euro 2012 tournament, Elton has called for former England ace Glenn Hoddle or Wigan manager Roberto Martinez to lead the national team to glory after the squad’s poor performance.

New manager Roy Hodgson and his team were blasted by critics for their cautious, defensive play – and the rocker, who was made Watford Football Club‘s Honorary Life President in 2009, is calling for a “revolution” in the sport.

He said, “If we’re going to play the way we played in Europe, which is defend, then hope to score a breakaway goal, I give up.

“I wouldn’t have chosen Roy. He’s a good club manager and a lovely man but we need a revolution. Glenn Hoddle is the man, but he’s had his go already. Roberto Martinez at Wigan? We need someone young.

“Those players in the England team play very well at club level, they just don’t seem to play together as a team. I thought we were lucky to get into the quarter-finals of Euro 2012.”

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