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Don’t Forget The Lyrics
Posted by editor_usa

A Former Singer Finds Success in Another Music-Oriented Field

Thursday 12
July 2012 @ 16:05

A few years ago. a singer/songwriter who designed her own stage outfits, had an idea. It resulted in a new company, offering clothes, jewelry and other products inspired by the lyrics to songs by the likes of Elton, the Beatles and Bob Dylan.


Hanna Rochelle says Lyric Culture literally began literally on the floor of her living room with a pair of scissors, a hot glue gun, a marker and a pair of jeans. 

She remarks:


”We began selling started out selling t-shirts and jeans to mom & pop boutiques and now Lyric Culture is distributed at some of the worlds most prominent retailers like Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, and Walmart. We managed to survive, reinvent ourselves and grow in a bad economy. It wasnt always easy, but the challenges have made us much stronger. The journey has been incredibly rewarding.”


Besides being a performer and composer, Rochelle says she used to be a Senior Account Executive at Rogers & Cowan, and also worked in the film industry licensing properties to turn into movies.


Lyric Culture is an amalgamation of my experience in music, fashion, marketing and licensing,” she explains.


Asked what the response from entertainers has been, she says they ”love to see their lyrics on products, and its an additional revenue stream for musicians in a challenging industry.”

Below is a photo of Lyric Culture‘s Candle in The Wind shirt.

Candle In The Wind Round Neck Tee

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