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Diana butler theft case collapses
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Blue Moves was among Diana’s favourite albums

Monday 4
November 2002 @ 17:55

The court case in which Diana, Princess of Wales’ former butler Paul Burrell was accused of theft, collapsed on November 1, 2002, after intervention by HM The Queen.

During the case, the court had heard how a copy of Elton’s album Blue Moves had been part of a haul of items allegedly taken without consent by Burrell.

Elton often remarks how Blue Moves, his 1976 double album, is his favourite.

Experts put the value of the historic treasure trove at between £5million and £10million if it ever went to auction.

DianabutlertheftcasecollapElton among finds in Diana record collection – Wednesday, October 30 2002 at 07:47:14

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