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Dancing in The End Zone
Posted by editor_usa

A President And Ballet Company Feel Snubbed by Elton

Tuesday 27
January 2009 @ 16:09

Sir Elton has reportedly snubbed Argentina’s President.

The pop singer was said to be so angry Cristina Kirchner delayed their arranged meeting by five hours that he left the country.

According to an insider, the Elton “hit the roof” upon hearing Kirchner had postponed their meeting following his concert in Buenos Aires. He almost immediately left for Chile.

Argentine commentator Javier Gonzalez said: “Cristine always keeps VIPs waiting. It would seem she is as much of a diva as Elton John.”

Over in the States, an Ohio dance company is facing a disappointment.

The Dayton Ballets planned 2009 premiere to music by Elton, Rocket Man, wont be getting off the ground.

The entertainers management, after previously granting preliminary approval to use his music, has revoked the rights.

Dayton Ballet spokesperson A. Diane Schoeffler-Warren said no reason was given. Sir Eltons people just decided not to let us use it. Were all really disappointed.

The premiere was planned for a mixed-repertory program March 19-22. One of the substitutes will be a revival of Christopher Flemings comic ballet Play Ball!

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