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Company’s Holiday Gift Ideas Include ”Red Piano”
Posted by editor_usa

Wednesday 9
December 2009 @ 16:09

As readers of this site are aware, Elton found he was unable to reschedule some Red Piano appearances in the UK, which were scraped due to illness. Yet fans can still get a sampling of what would have transpired.

Concert Live recorded a number of previous Red Pianos, an apt example being their Antwerp selection from October 13.

The vibrantly coloured discs include a jazzy I Guess That’s Why They Call it The Blues, crisp Someone Saved My Life Tonight, euphonic Believe, invigorating The Bitch is Back and talismanic Rocket Man.

Pinball Wizard is another winner, although it’s difficult to recognise initially, with a series of quirky bops and house music sound effects–a novel idea that somehow works. The one disappointment is a severely abbreviated Funeral For a Friend, transformed instead into a lengthy gallimaufry of comments relating to the headliner’s career.

Daniel Pearl happened to have been killed in Pakistan on the date of this show, and Elton mentions this. He acknowledges the risks such reporters face before performing Daniel.

Elton also brings up Boyzone‘s Stephen Gately, who was ”a bright star,” and keyboard Guy Babylon, whose passing ”hit the band hard.”

As ususal, the vocalist is gracious. He dedicates Tiny Dancer to ”all you beautiful ladies” and calls the audience ”amazing.”

He adds that he ”won’t stop,” and that ”it will be a different kind of show when I see you next time.”

Besides the Red Piano, Concert Live has CDs featuring Elton and his group as well as recordings of the pianist with Ray Cooper. In fact, through mid-January, people can get any three for 35 pounds by visiting

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