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Collective Soul
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Group Supported by Elton Plans Tour And CD

Friday 13
July 2007 @ 17:51

A band whose 2000 single, Perfect Day, boasted Elton on vocals and piano, announced recently that they’ve decided to join the growing legions of artists taking their matters into their own hands.

Collective Soul will release their next album, Afterwords, album, on August 28 on their own label exclusively through Target and iTunes, according to Pollstar.
CollectiveSoul The ensemble also announced the first set of dates for what will be a massive U.S. tour expected to include more than 70 dates.
CollectiveSoulCollective Soul will kick things off with a handful of dates in Canada, beginning July 11 at the Stampede Roundup in Calgary before hooking up with Live
for three shows: July 15 at the Greyhound Park Amphitheatre in Spokane, Wash.; July 17 at the Sun Valley Outdoor Pavilion in Idaho and July 18 at the Snowking Center in Jackson, Wyo.
CollectiveSoul For the next leg of the tour, the group will join forces with Live and Counting Crows
for the Rock ‘N’ Roll Triple Play Ballpark tour.
CollectiveSoul The tour gets rolling July 22 at Daniel S. Frawley Stadium in Wilmington, Del., and will make stops at diamonds across the country, including Dunne Tire Park in Buffalo, N.Y. (August 1), and Newman Outdoor Field in Fargo, N.D. (September 2).
CollectiveSoul Additional dates are expected in the future.
CollectiveSoul Vocalist and songwriter Ed Roland explained his mates’ decision to go indie and release their own album was motivated by the changing face of the industry.
CollectiveSoul “As a band, we released five albums and were with a major label for seven years,” Roland said. “Traditionally, that had been the ultimate dream and only outlet for an artist and songwriter to present their music. The music business is different now.”
CollectiveSoul Roland also said the band considers the music on the new disc, which focuses on themes of love and positive feelings, some of their strongest work yet.
CollectiveSoul “We’re still a guitar oriented band, but we’re more confident than ever in the music we’re making and the reason we’re making it.”

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