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Burning Buildings
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We pray for Citizens engaged in Gulf War

Sunday 23
March 2003 @ 23:49
– GMT prays for the safe return of Citizens of this website who have been drafted into the U.S. or other coalition forces currently engaged in the battle in Iraq. Whatever our views on this controversial conflict, we have a duty to wish troops safe passage home.

For operational reasons, we are not presently able to advise you the identity of the Citizens involved in the military campaign in Kuwait and Iraq, and we shall respect their safety at all times during this difficult time.

Meanwhile, the Oscar Awards are getting underway on March 23, 2003, in Hollywood, despite initial suggestions the awards would be scrapped in respect of the Gulf military engagement. A lower-key ceremony to award the year’s best movies will take place, while some stars, notably Tom Hanks and Will Smith, have pulled out of the world film industry’s pinnacle event.

It is still assumed that Elton, who is opposed to military action without conclusive evidence of a threat from Iraq, will still hold his infamous annual Oscar Night Party – the biggest post-award party of them all.

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