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Brian wins, and is proclaimed Norton’s Big Brother!
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Elton backs the camp comedian of popular TV series

Saturday 28
July 2001 @ 16:16

Elton must be feeling chuffed as camp dweller Brian won the secret camera house series Big Brother on July 27, 2001.

The Daily Mirror reported on July 26, 2001: “CHAT show host Graham Norton was so desperate last night for gay Brian to win Big Brother. He declared: “He’s just like me – I think he could be my long-lost twin!”

Norton joined a host of stars who backed Brian Dowling and urged the nation not to vote for irritatingly dizzy Welsh blonde Helen Adams.

Brian’s celebrity supporters seemed to have backed the right man for the £70,000 prize.

Camp comic Norton insisted his money has always been on Brian: “I hadn’t really seen Big Brother this time until people said: ‘Ooh, Brian’s your double.’ I went home and watched it and I thought that’s ridiculous.

“Then I was filming a video and I was watching the rushes. Suddenly I thought: ‘Actually, every little thing I do reminds me of Brian.’ So the rumours are true and I’d vote for my long-lost, twin brother Brian. I want him to win.”

Sir Elton John joined the fray: “I thought Brian was way ahead a couple of weeks ago but Helen is really giving him a run for his money. But I must admit, Brian has been a fabulous entertainer and I hope he wins.”

As reported on this website, Elton himself appeared on Graham’s chat show on March 7, 2001 So Graham Norton.

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