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Brian Vs. Boris
Posted by editor_usa

London Candidate Isn’t Happy With Elton’s Choice

Tuesday 5
February 2008 @ 16:03

The Tory candidate for Mayor of London has revealed that he is on Sir Elton’s Christmas card list, and was shocked and disappointed when the musician decided to back Lib Dem hopeful Brian Paddick.

The Conservative, who is supported by nightclub owner Peter Stringfellow, told LBC radio that he hopes to recruit Amy Winehouse to his campaign.

Last week Elton and his partner hosted a dinner where they introduced Brian to potential donors to his campaign.

”I’m very disappointed by this, by the way, because Elton and David Furnish send us a Christmas card every year,” Boris Johnson stated.

”I couldn’t believe it when he suddenly announced that he was backing ex-commander Paddick. Anyway, there you go. Elton and I are going to have to see what’s going on.”

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