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Brenda Lee And Me
Posted by editor_usa

Museum Show Includes Items From Elton

Friday 7
August 2009 @ 15:59

When Elton played Nashville on May 16, he dedicated Tiny Dancer to a friend in the audience, Brenda Lee.

Now there’s a new exhibit devoted to Brenda Lee in in Nashville’s Country Music Hall of Fame and it includes  a handwritten letter from Elton.

Curator of Collections Mick Buck tells EJW that in the note, dated 10/30/08, Elton explains that he is sending her a pair of his sunglasses for her exhibition at the Country Music Hall of Fame, an honour which he calls well deserved.

The letter also congratulates Lee on the exhibit, praising her as “the best rock and roll singer,” a “huge influence on me and millions of others, and a “national treasure.” Elton writes that he hopes to catch up with Lee in person sometime soon, maybe when Im in Atlanta next year. The communication is written on Palazzo Suites stationery from Las Vegas.  The letter and the sunglasses, with the letters ”EJ” in rhinestones on one lens, are both on display through June 2010.

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