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Breaking UK And U.S. News About ”Billy”
Posted by editor_usa

Friday 8
May 2009 @ 15:42

On May  12, Billy Elliot celebrates its fourth birthday and its 1700th performance at the Victoria Palace Theatre in the West End. At this time, the musical will welcome a new cast member, Oliver Gardner. The 12-year-old from Bath will be the thirty-second boy to play the iconic lead part worldwide.

Oliver joins Tom Holland, Tanner Pflueger, Fox Jackson-Keen and Bradley Wilson, who alternate the role of Billy.

Joining the company in June are Connor Doyle from Walsall and Jake Pratt, a  Middlesex resident, who will alternate the role of Billy’s best friend Michael alongside George Maycock, an 11-year-old from Solihull. Francesca Mango from Northumberland and Fleur Houdijk from Hartlepool join the company to play Debbie, alongside Annabelle Crosby-Stewart, who is from Darlington.

The musical, which has now played to over 3.3 million people worldwide since its world premiere four years ago, releases thousands of new tickets for sale this week for bookings up to April 3, 2010.

Meanwhile, in the States, New York’s Serendipity 3 has honoured the show with a treat called the Billy Elliot – The Too Tutu Sundae.

It features a crumbled Oreo cookie ”coal mine,” filled with three scoops of strawberry topping. There’s also an Arabesque ballerina figure tottering on the rim in front of a pink chocolate ballet slipper lollipop. It costs $15.95, and will be offered for a limited time.


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