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BREAKING NOW: UK And U.S. Have Specials On Elton This Evening
Posted by editor_usa

Friday 22
April 2011 @ 16:16

A documentary exploring Elton’s childhood, apprenticeship in the British music business, and sudden stardom in the States, as well his musical heyday, is on BBC 4 tonight at 9 p.m.

There’s also information about the singer’s reunion with Leon Russell on The Union, the pair having last worked together in the seventies.

And there are exclusives with Elton, plus colleagues and collaborators including Leon and Bernie Taupin.

This shall be followed by Elton John at The BBC, which tracks the singer’s career in archive from performances, interviews and news clips. After that, at 11 p.m., Elton’s Electric Proms appearance is being featured. Leon Russell, Plan B and Rumer joined the headliner at the Roundhouse concert in 2010.

The three programmes have been broadcast before, unlike tonight’s 20/20 episode in which Elton’s son makes his American TV debut.

On ABC‘s Good Morning America today, Barbara Walters previewed the show, which also contains input from David Furnish.

A clip of Elton talking about Zachary‘s birth, and how he couldn’t have asked for anything better on Christmas, was included on GMA.

20/20 is on ABC at 10 p.m. Eastern time (although Walters told GMA that she’d be back with more Elton coverage on Monday).

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