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Brandon and Brandi
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Elton’s Impact on Flowers And Carlile

Monday 1
June 2009 @ 16:27

The Killers frontman has credited Elton with the band’s success, insisting they wouldn’t be where they are today without his inspiration.

Brandon Flowers cites the piano player as a major influence on the rockers’ performances, as they have always aimed to emulate his extravagant style and showmanship.

And the singer admits he has always wanted to add a little bit of Elton’s “glamour” to his life – even before he became a hitmaker.

Brandon tells Elle UK, “We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for Elton John! Coming from very ordinary backgrounds, the glamour was an exciting thing when we started out. It still is.
“It just seems natural for us to be drawn to ostentation. Putting on a suit, a little make-up… it feels the right thing to do.”

A singer-songwriter from Ravensdale, Wash., has also made no secret of her admiration.

When Brandi Carlile spoke about Elton a couple of years ago, he read the comments himself and responded with a bouquet of flowers and a bottle of wine from Carlile’s birth year, a gift that “totally blew my mind for, like, a year,” the 28-year-old says.

And as rumoured previously, Elton has joined the 28-year-old on a new song for her album, Give Up the Ghost, which is set to come out in the fall. Grammy winner Rick Rubin produced the follow-up to the young woman’s 2007 hit record, The Story, which was also produced by a Grammy winner–T Bone Burnett.

On her latest project, Carlile is joined by Elton on Caroline. She says it was similar to an out-of-body experience because he has been her hero since she was eleven.

Brandi was impressed by how Elton ”nailed the piano in one take.” She adds: ”It took him an hour and a half to sing and play piano on this song, and then he stuck around and absolutely schooled me on new music for two hours and gave me a music lesson, basically. It was wonderful.”

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