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Bob And Elton
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Writer’s Memorable Moments Include Meeting Elton

Tuesday 30
June 2009 @ 17:26

A former Somerton woman who won a BAFTA for directing and writing Bob the Builder, has created another series.

Sarah Ball is also the director of the new train-based animation for the BBC, called Chuggington.

Her mother Wendy of Somerton Hill was the basis for her namesake in Bob the Builder, and Miss Ball told the Gazette she often returns to the area to be with family.

The 37-year-old, said: “I loved art at school and I had a really good teacher called Linda Green. She pushed me to follow my creative talents.”

BobAndEltonSarah’s latest creation is aimed at three to six-year-olds and focuses on characters who are learning to be trains. It is aimed to entertain children and help them learn, and has been sold to 140 countries.

The new television series, made by Ludorum, uses the voices of children actors aged from seven.

Ball said her frequent train journey between London Waterloo and Yeovil Junction provided time to create the stories on her laptop, which are based on personal experiences.

She noted that her career highlights so far include working with two singers who provided voices for Bob the Builder, Sir Elton and Donny Osmond.

Sarah said writing for youngsters is not as easy as people might assume.

“It is very difficult and children are a challenging audience, as if they do not like something they will walk away. The world has moved on a lot and we are responsible for the young, as they are very impressionable.”

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