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Big-Timers Make Time For Kenneth Cole Project
Posted by editor_usa

Monday 18
May 2009 @ 15:18

In the eighties, people were ”generally terrified” and there was a ”great deal of stigma” and ”a lot of misinformation.”

The above is a portion of Elton’s commentary, addressing HIV/AIDS in Awearness: Inspiring Stories About How to Make a Difference.

In the Kenneth Cole collection of essays, the music-maker says he became involved with the cause upon learning about Ryan White, who was shut out of schools, had bullets shot at his house and lies spread about him.

However, Elton points out, the young AIDS sufferer (who got the disease after a transfusion) didn’t hate these people. He recognised they were uninformed and scared.

Elton is less tolerant of the U.S. government, pointing out how ”disgracefully slow” officials were in taking action.

The EJAF founder says his charity’s goals are education, awareness and direct support. He encourages others to get involved by running in races, hosting lunches to raise money or writing a check.

”Even the smallest amount is helpful.”

Other contributors to the book include John Walsh, speaking about victims’ rights; Charles Grodin, who is concerned with fair sentencing, and Robert Redford, who writes about free speech.

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