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Breaking ”Billy Elliot” News

Friday 28
November 2008 @ 16:15

Elton and the creative team behind his latest musical have been mulling over the prospect of turning the show into a film.  This wouldn’t be the first time a movie became a musical, then a cinematic venture again.

Hairspray was first a flick. Then it became a musical. Then, it became a movie based on a musical.

As for Elton’s project, there have been more developments. From the first of December, a twelve year old from Doncaster will join the London cast of the Billy Elliot musical at the Victoria Palace Theatre.

Brad Wilson becomes the thirtieth boy to play the title role worldwide, first performed by Jamie Bell in the original movie.

He is joined by Joanna Riding, who will play Mrs. Wilkinson and Joe Caffrey, who returns to the production to play Jackie Elliot, Billy‘s pop.

Joanna won two Olivier Awards for her West End musicals (and was nominated for two more), while Joe was in the original cast, playing Billy‘s older brother, Tony.

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