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A Superstar’s Super Bowl Commercial
Posted by editor_usa

Monday 30
January 2012 @ 15:47

Today’s Good Morning America previewed Elton’s new Super Bowl ad.

He plays a king in the Pepsi commercial. X Factor winner Melanie Amaro is also in it (a photo of the pair appears below).

When asked what he’d tell Madonna as she prepares to headline the Super Bowl halftime show this Sunday in Indianapolis, the composer replied, Make sure you lip-sync good.

The 64-year-old explained that he has yet to see a really good halftime performance.

No matter how extravagant, Super Bowl halftime shows consistently lack the one ingredient he says has been a key to his decades-long career as an entertainer: playing live.

You have to play live, but I dont think you can, he said of the events.

In all fairness to everyone whos done one before, you may be able to sing live, but its really hard to play live, he said.

Eltons new advice to Madonna reignites a 2004 debate in which he remarked:

Anyone who lip-synchs in public onstage when you pay 75 pounds to see them should be shot, referencing the entrance fee to the Material Girls Reinvention tour.

On GMA, Elton said he enjoyed his role in the Pepsi advert, saying,

I love being the king. But itd be too dangerous for me to be the king.  Ive got too many things inside my head that would say off with their heads.


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