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A Summary of Elton’s Bristol Show
Posted by editor_usa

Monday 15
June 2009 @ 16:08

On Saturday night, Elton and his band played Gloucestershire County Cricket Club.

This was the ground’s very first concert, and the opening act was Richard Fleeshman.

In Nevil Road, unofficial temporary stalls were set up. The merchandise included pink cowboy hats. One was thrown onstage and Elton donned it for his final number, Your Song.

“I’ve never looked so butch,” he joked, before saying that it would form part of next season’s kit for Watford, the football club where he is honorary life president.

There were a few Watford kits among the crowd–not to mention feather boas and oversize glasses.

One of the few gripes on the night were the long queues for food and drink.

Below is a photo of the headliner.

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