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A Simple Man
Posted by editor_usa

Ways For Elton–And His Fans–to Mark The Holidays

Friday 22
December 2006 @ 17:12

Elton and his partner are shunning their mansions for an apartment in Venice, Italy this Christmas, according to

 The pair have opted for their low-key Italian haunt this festive season over homes in America, France and England.

David Furnish admits the couple enjoy the simpler things in life at the Venetian pad, because it makes them “really happy” at holiday time. He says they do their own self catering in Venice.

 “You can have all the world at your fingertips sometimes and then, actually, what makes you happy is loading the dishwasher, laying the table, making the toast and coffee, and just hanging around at home.”

{And whether EJW readers plan a low-key or splashy celebration, they still have time to send friends and family a holiday card by going to the E-Cards section of this Web site.}

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