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A Revealing Exclusive With Elton’s First Manager
Posted by editor_usa

Thursday 7
April 2011 @ 16:36

A new online utility for people to protect their ideas has announced it secured a rare interview.

The Protect Your Ideas site spoke with Ray Williams, the man who famously introduced Elton to Bernie Taupin over 40 years ago. Ray also became Eltons first manager.

John Woollcombe, founder and CEO of commented; We are delighted Ray has agreed to do this exclusive interview for our Web site. Ray has an amazing tale to tell, which highlights the problem many young people with great ideas face theyre inexperienced and lack the know-how to protect themselves.

Woollcombe added: Elton and Bernies song-writing partnership is so etched on the last 44 years of pop repertoire it feels like a historical inevitability, but its very unlikely theyd have met if Ray hadnt put an ad in NME and out of the many respondents decided to put them together. He recognised their talent, had a great idea, put it in motion and, in doing so, fulfilled the classic music publisher role initiating a creative partnership that would produce some of the most successful and valuable copyrights. But he didnt protect himself first.

It was 1967 and Williams was 20 years old. He wanted to sign Elton as a recording artist, but his bosses at Liberty Records didnt like the singer’s voice. At Eltons request Ray became his personal manager. He signed a co-management deal with Dick James entitling him to half the management commission.

In 1970, after the Troubadour gigs that Ray set up for Elton, Dick unceremoniously terminated Rays contract. With no money for lawyers and a new baby girl to look after, Ray had no option, but to accept a pittance for his role in launching both Eltons song-writing partnership with Bernie and his recording career. He has not received compensation since.

Woollcombe concluded: The interview with Ray is the first in a series were hoping to film with people whove had similar experiences. They may have had an idea for a new business, an invention or created something which has turned out to be valuable and, for whatever reason theyve never made money from it. Whether recent or going back several years like Ray, they are people seeking resolution and closure. Were hoping to help and at the same time produce compelling, informative content that our visitors and members will find both interesting and helpful.

The video of the interview with Williams can be viewed at:

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