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An Update on Elton and Kiki Dee’s Relationship
Posted by editor_usa

Friday 22
August 2008 @ 15:31

When Liz Hurley married Indian businessman Arun Nayar in March 2007, it involved not one but two weddings.

The first was at Sudeley Castle in Gloucestershire; the second at Umaid Bawan Palace in Jodhpur, India.

Although Elton attended the first ceremony, he was not at the second.

Now the Daily Mail has provided an explanation.

At the time of Hurley’s big day, Kiki Dee was turning 60. So her artist friend, Hazel Walker, organised a birthday bash.

Raymond Blanc‘s Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons hotel restaurant in Oxfordshire was chosen as the venue, with 20 close family and friends invited.

When Kiki arrived on the appointed day, it was suggested that before she sat down to eat, she might first enjoy a tour of the kitchens. ”Naturally, I said that that would be lovely, although I did think it a bit odd,” she recalls.

She admits to wondering why she was led past the metal worktops and asked to admire the ”gleaming pots and pans.”

She continues:

”Then, I turned a corner and there was Elton, standing with my family. I practically passed out.

”When Hazel had got in touch with him and realised that Liz Hurley‘s Indian wedding clashed with my birthday party, she immediately said that, of course, I’d understand why he couldn’t be there.”

But apparently, Elton had said: “No, no, I’m coming to Keek’s 60th.”

The singer chuckles. ”He always calls me Keek.

”Not bad, is it? Liz Hurley being stood up for little old me.”

The evening was a huge success.

”Laughter, tears, the lot,” she remembers. ”Everyone I loved was there. And there was Elton chatting to my brother, David, about football. It was the best night.

”Elton also gave a glowing speech, praising me to the skies and then finishing, typical him, with the throwaway line: ‘And, if you believe that, you’ll believe anything!’ ” 

As with Hurley’s event, Elton arrived by helicopter.

He landed on a local farmer’s field, whose reaction was:

”If I had known it was you, I’d have charged you more than 50 pounds.”

Although she believes they aren’t at all alike, Kiki feels they have a special bond and sort of chemistry.

”We don’t hang out, though. We can’t. We’re in different orbits. But that’s all right. As soon as I hear his voice, we go right back to wherever we were the last time we chatted.”

Those phone calls follow a familiar pattern. ”He comes on the line and says: ‘Hello, Keek, how’re you doing, darling?’  He pretends he’s my stalker. Heaven alone knows why.”

She says: ”We’ve known each other so long, we’re more like brother and sister. If I were ever in trouble, I know what would happen. Elton would ring me because he’d have found out. He’s the most loyal friend anyone could ever have. It’s one of his greatest attributes.”

Kiki also recalls her relationship with Davey Johnstone.

”He was 24 and I was 28. I thought he was The One. It took me a long time to get over the end of our relationship.” 

But she and the guitarist are now ”great mates.”

For a number of years, the performer has been working with acoustic guitarist Carmelo Luggeri.

Their Web site is

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