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An Unlikely Duet Took Place on Friday Night
Posted by editor_usa

Monday 19
April 2010 @ 16:28

A seven-year-old had the highlight of his young life in Des Moines on Friday.

Brody Reilly attended Elton’s concert there, and says he’s been a fan of the Rocket Man since he heard Crocodile Rock on an episode of Bob the Builder.

Reilly’s father said he promised to take his son to a concert if Elton ever came to Des Moines.

The boy, who had a front row seat, was allowed onstage when Crocodile Rock came on. 

Although security moved in, Elton permitted Brody to stay on, and even sing with him. He even told the child that in another 15 years, ”you’ll be up here yourself.”

Brody Reilly and Elton. (Molly Reilly/Special to the Register)

This wasn’t even the first time Brody got to see Elton.

He attended the pianist’s gig in Omaha last year. That time, he not only got an autograph, he also got some drum sticks and guitar picks to take home.

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