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Another ”Tiny Dancer”
Posted by editor_usa

Artist Shares Thoughts on a Famous Muse

Wednesday 27
February 2008 @ 15:46

This Web site recently carried an item about a man whose art works include one called Tiny Dancer.

As the title suggests, the subject is indeed, of the ”ballerina” and ”seamstress for the band” in the smash hit.
The artist, Keith McDowell, divulged to that the pop classic is one of  his favourites of all time, and ”knowing Maxine and seeing the smile and so on is even more amazing. He really caught her in the song and made it come to life. I listened to the song on my headset over and over for hours to fuse all of her, and what people perceived of her in the piece.”
The picture of Maxine Taupin was done a few years ago by her friend, Keith. They had met at a party and clicked immediately, although at first, the artist didn’t know who she was. He was sure, however, that the lady had a warm, down-to-earth manner with eyes ”that pull you in.”
McDowell said the former Ms. Feibelman is involved with charitable causes, particularly those focusing on battered women. One event she contributed to financially was an Aviva benefit: The organisation assists abused, neglected and troubled youngsters and their families.

Maxine has also entered the world of cinema, writing and producing.
Keith, whose pieces have been seen on TV shows, has himself done jobs for movies, 2005’s Death Tunnel among them. His next cinematic project is called Jonathon Moon Chronicles–”at least for now.”

In addition, Keith is a makeup artist and hairstylist whose regular clients include Terri Nunn of Berlin. Even when he was in the 7th or 8th grade, he had a knack for making his three sisters look good for their evenings out.
When he was 19, McDowell was in a country-rock group, and was offered a recording contract. But he became a successful graphic designer who garnered awards for his logos.
The Arizona resident says he would like to work with Patti LaBelle, Cher and Heather Headley. The latter’s Aida performance turned him into a fan.
The artist also admires Bernie Taupin, and has started an art piece based on the lyricist.

To see his art or order prints, visit

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