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A new duet for Elton
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Elton will record a single with Mick Jagger

Tuesday 1
April 2003 @ 8:10

Yesterday was April 1 and that is a day most news media run spoof stories to catch you on the hop.

Sorry, but no duet with Mick Jagger this year, but who knows, our joke will maybe inspire them!

Elton & Mick Jagger at the press conference (April 31, 2003)Longtime friends and mutual admirers Elton and Mick Jagger have announced plans to record a single together, with proceeds going to a yet-to-be-announced charity.

The song, composed by both musicians, along with Bernie Taupin, has been called Upbeat: Jagger compares it the sounds of Caribbean clubs he visits. A video may follow, even though we know how Elton feels about that!

“Yes, the rumours are true. Its totally unexpected. We will sing with some girly backing vocals.

I’m quite pleased with the song, I wouldn’t have changed a single note of it. Im a huge fan of Elton” said Mick Jagger in a press conference yesterday.


You can see here the exclusive photo of Elton and Mick during the press conference (31 April, 2003)


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