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And The Grammy Goes To . . .
Posted by editor_usa

Key Musical Moments Feature in New Museum

Thursday 11
December 2008 @ 15:40

Last Saturday was the Grand Opening of the new Grammy Museum in Los Angeles.

It boasts 160 musical genres, photos and footage from 50 years of awards ceremonies. The films include some of Elton’s performances, his Stan duet with Eminem among them. There are also historic costumes and instruments.

Besides all of this, visitors can settle into a simulated sound booth to record, mix and master a song.

The $34 million facility consists of three floors of exhibit space filled with artifacts, sound stations and interactive, video-driven elements which invite intense exploration of how music is created, recorded and consumed.

”We don’t use objects and artifacts as the primary way to tell the story,” said museum director Robert Santelli.

”You’re going to see artifacts around here, and many of them are iconic and important to the story, but they’re not the drivers of the story.”

The establishment’s Web site is

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