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Anastacia will sing with Elton at his post-Oscar party
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Anastacia says that she’s an Elton fan

Thursday 20
March 2003 @ 14:41

Anastacia will sing with Elton at his post-Oscar party following the Academy Awards ceremony on Sunday March 23, 2003. The pair will share vocals on Anastacia’s hit, I’m Outta Love and on Elton’s 1974 top-five hit, The Bitch Is Back.

Anastacia said that she’s been an Elton fan since she was a child because of his fantastic music and his outrageous eyewear. “I was very influenced, I think, by Elton and his glasses,” Anastacia said. “I think that he made me feel very comfortable. When in fourth grade I had to get glasses, I didn’t feel like that was a wrong thing–I thought it was pretty cool. I always wanted glasses, so when I had to go get them, I was, like, ‘Oh, yeah! So cool!’ I thought that was the coolest thing in the world, because I was so ready to put them on.”

The post-Oscar performance will be Anastacia’s first time on stage since she underwent a form of breast-cancer surgery earlier this month. This year’s party is being thrown by Elton John and In Style magazine at the Marquee Club in West Hollywood, where more than 200 guests will be treated to a five-course dinner and live performances to raise funds for the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

John Mayer is still scheduled to perform a duet with Elton.

With safety an ongoing concern, about 60 security guards have been hired to patrol the event.

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