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American Triangle
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Elton’s Fund-Raiser For Matthew Shepard

Monday 6
April 2009 @ 18:05

Sara Halliday / The Branding Iron - Sir Elton John serenades the Laramie crowd for the Matthew Shepard Symposium this Friday. The concert lasted nearly three hours and raised $550,000 for the Matthew Shepard Foundation. John spoke about the death of Matthew Shepard and dedicated three songs, including

Above is Elton at his Friday night appearance in Laramie.

He ended up raising $550,000 for the Matthew Shepard Foundation.

Before singing his compositions, which included Your Song, Candle in the Wind and American Triangle, Elton announced that he was going to speak from the heart, and not from a piece of paper.

The pianist said that he thinks about the murdered young gay man every day and considers himself lucky for leading the life he does. He implied that a lack of education played a role in the hatred Matthew faced, as did Ryan White, who died of AIDS.

Elton  also mentioned how much he loves the States, and how it is vital to ”bring people together.”

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