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A Master in Doncaster
Posted by editor_usa

Challenges Faced by Elton’s Promoters And Crew

Monday 7
July 2008 @ 17:47

Elton will be playing Doncaster on July 12.

The Free Press reports that the crew consists of over 250 people.

Ben Martin, from Marshall Arts, said: “As the promoters of the show we find the venue on behalf of the artist, we then talk to the artist and talk to the venue, we set the ticket price, we put the adverts in the paper and talk to the local council. We also provide all the security, the stewards and the catering.”

Aside from this they also ensure Elton’s crew are happy and settled as well as that the stadium is ready for the concert.

They also build the stage, lay the flooring, add the seats, bring in technicians to fit the lighting and check that the sound is perfect. But above everything they have to make the star is comfortable.

Ben compared crew members to a little village, “but then you also have the people seated having a drink, and the people having meals.

“We have certain expectations. He has his own crew of 40 people but then we get everything in place and we need to make sure everything is sorted for his staff and crew. There are eight trucks in total so it’s on quite a large scale.”

Another person who has been working to make sure the concert goes off smoothly is Keepmoat director Shane Chalmers. He’s been preparing for the big event for the past nine months.

Shane said: “The main difference between this concert and last year’s is we have moved the stage from the south stand to the north of the stadium. We have also had to create a door which goes from the west stand to the north because there wasn’t a direct doorway to the stand.

We had to change the dressing rooms into the artist dressing room and we have knocked through a breeze block wall.”
While the usual Doncaster Rovers match takes two days of preparation, Keepmoat has been working for months to ensure they abide by every health and safety regulation. At the moment there is a suggestion Elton will arrive by helicopter though he may also travel by car to the venue. Either way it appears Shane won’t rest until the concert is over.

“It is always strange for us because we spend nine months working towards this show and there is a whole range of things to go on and it’ll be great on set-up day,” he said. “It’s not until two or three days after the concert that you realise what has just happened, and we cannot believe it. If someone had said two years ago that we would have Elton John in the stadium I would have never believed you.”

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