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A Look at Two Companies Behind Elton’s Oscar Bash
Posted by editor_usa

Tuesday 23
February 2010 @ 15:42

For over 30 years, Angstrom Lighting has been one of the most respected full-service lighting companies on the West Coast, working with thousands of producers, designers, technicians and individuals from a variety of industries. Above is a photo from one of their more high-profile events–an EJAF Oscar fund-raiser.

Another business which has worked with the Elton John AIDS Foundation is Crumble Catering, which has provided edibles for movies premieres including Happy Feet.

Chef Wayne Elias told EJW they will be on board again this year for the Oscar event.

”We are doing an Italian theme menu, as we have in the past years for the Viewing Dinner Party, and for the post-telecast reception we are doing flavours from around the world.”

Other clients include Warner Brothers, Prada, Neiman Marcus and MTV.

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