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A Longtime Member of Elton’s Group Turns 60
Posted by editor_usa

Friday 6
May 2011 @ 15:34

EJW wants to wish Davey Johnstone a very happy birthday.

The instrumentalist was born May 6, 1951 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

By the age of seven, he played the violin. His first guitar was a gift from his sister when he was eleven. At the age of seventeen, Davey moved to London where he played in several folk bands.

He got together with Noel Murphy in 1968. A year later,  In 1969, the two welcomed a bass player called Ron Chesterman and the trio became known as Draught Porridge. 

In 1970, a group called Magna Carta was being produced by Gus Dudgeon. Davey first worked as a session player for the band before becoming a member.

At Dudgeon’s request, Johnstone played on an album of poetry set to acoustic music by Bernie Taupin. It was through Bernie that Davey was then asked to play on Elton’s Madman Across the Water record. Davey and Elton instantly hit it off, and the former was later asked to become a permanent bandmember in February 1972.

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