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All The Big Things
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John/Fleeshman Tune is Now Finished

Wednesday 1
April 2009 @ 15:29

Former Coronation Street star Richard Fleeshman, who has opened for Elton last year (and has plans to do so again this summer) says:
Its absolutely amazing. Hes one of my heroes and probably the reason I started playing piano so young. Its quite crazy, for him to be giving me the time he is and the support.
Elton has said he was impressed by how developed Richard’s songwriting is.

And as revealed a while back, Elton and Richard have been penning melodies together.
One of them Can You Hear Me features in a new six-part drama All The Small Things on BBC1, which had its premiere last night.

 Filmed in and around Glossop and Manchester, it is a tale of two rival choirs in a northern town, where small things really can make a difference.
Richard stars in the drama as Kyle, a troubled teenager who is musically gifted.
Still not twenty years old until June, the role provided a real challenge for the former winner of Soapstar Superstar.
I either didnt speak or just never shut up. It was bizarre and quite a challenge to learn.
He is quite shy and retiring, doesnt really like speaking to adults, or anyone for that matter, plays his guitar, locks himself in his bedroom and listens to music. Well, find me a teenager who doesnt do that. Theres so much in him that I could relate to.

Below is a photo of Elton and Richard. Their new single is to be released in May.

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