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A League of His Own
Posted by editor_usa

Elton’s CNN Interview

Tuesday 26
February 2008 @ 15:45

On Sunday night, Elton and Mary J Blige reprised their version of I Guess That’s Why They Call it The Blues, originally done in New York as part of the One Night Only: The Greatest Hits engagement. 

At the 16th annual EJAF Academy Awards Viewing Party, Elton also teamed up with Jake Shears of the Scissor Sisters for I’m Still Standing.

However, another performer, who said he ”might” take the stage, declined to do so.

On last night’s Larry King Live, Elton explained that Prince was tired and came late, and that he had his own bash as well. He also stated that he believes the vocalist is currently the best entertainer and showman . . . ”in a league of his own.”

When asked about sobriety, Elton said that while it is dangerous to be complacent, he has no intention of drinking or doing drugs again because it caused so much ”mayhem.” However, he still phones his AA sponsor and drug sponsor in Chicago each week. He recalled how the man told him the first thing to do following rehab would be to attend a meeting. Elton didn’t listen, attending a soccer game instead.

The sponsor ”let me have it,” the singer said, and admitted that he made sense.

Elton talked about being a gay man, saying he was fortunate in that his family accepted this. He recommended that parents love their children for who they are. He advised ”not rejecting” offspring and ”loving them forever.”

Elton spoke about starting the EJAF, and when asked what the Web site was, admitted not being aware of ”the number” and not owning a computer or mobile phone. So he proposed a Google search. When told the URL, the musician said he couldn’t believe he didn’t know, and would certainly keep it in mind. However, when it comes to running the philanthropy, he is very detail-oriented. Elton said he ”vets every dollar and cent spent,” making sure the organisation checks out each project before assisting financially.

Movies and music also made the discussion. Although the Oscars attracted the fewest television viewers ever, Elton was pleased with most of the winners. But he thought the roles for women were not as interesting, saying it was a year for the men.

When Larry King asked about selecting sets for concerts, Elton grinned broadly, saying it wasn’t a problem because he had written so many songs. However, when rehearsing, he required the help of the band in order to remember some of the old material.

The CNN host pointed out that Elton could soon be the first performer to play all 50 American states.

”I hope so,” replied Elton, who mentioned how much joy playing live was, and that the 3 hours and 25 minutes ”flew by” when he did his 60th birthday show at Madison Square Garden.

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