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Adrian’s Plan
Posted by editor_usa

The Man Behind The World’s Longest Piano Hopes Elton Will Pay a Visit

Wednesday 23
November 2011 @ 17:14

Sir Elton will spend only a few hours in Dunedin when he flies in on Friday for a one-off concert in the city’s new stadium.

But the owner of the world’s longest piano is still hoping the rocker’s curiosity will get the better of him and that he’ll find some time to play the unique instrument.

It’s a long shot, but Adrian Mann is hoping Elton will come and play the piano he built. It took him four years. He was just 16 when he began, and had no formal training.

The masterpiece measures 5.7 metres long and weighs 1.2 tonnes. It is currently at the Otago Museum, where Adrian is discussing the instrument and performing at 1 p.m. through November 25.

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