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Adding Pop to Set Lists Increases Group’s Status
Posted by editor_usa

Monday 30
July 2007 @ 16:04

The Pioneer Band consists of about 55 musicians who perform in and around the Lehigh Valley, PA area.

Formed over a century ago, they consider themselves a community band with fans mostly in the senior citizen range.

 So to appeal to some younger people, last year, they created a “pops” concert to celebrate the beginning of the end of summer.

Besides giving away pretzels and soda, dressing in beach attire and hiring a local DJ personality to emcee, the ensemble decided to play the music of Elton, The Doors, Shania Twain, Queen, Tina Turner and  Barry Manilow and a few others.

 It went over so well, the instrumentalists are doing it again this year.

 Besides doing live dates, the group has recorded, but not this sort of music. Instead, the selections include Marches for Everyone and Red White and Blue.

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