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A Chance to Help a Fellow Fan Create a ‘Piano Shirt’
Posted by editor_usa

Tuesday 6
December 2011 @ 16:19

An EJW reader is looking for a unique image of the Rocket Man.


The music fan says it would be one where the performer’s hands and forearms can be seen playing the piano and are not covered by long sleeves. The angle ideally ”should be a little from above – similar to some angles in the Song For Guy video.


 ”I have seen something like it in pictures of some older concerts but don’t know any exact names (i.e. ‘Dodger Stadium 1975′)  so that I could look for DVDs.


”Not having found anything remotely usable on the Internet, I came up with the idea of maybe getting a DVD of a show where Elton’s not wearing any long sleeves and create a video still from it and work from that. My guess as far as the concerts go is the 70s, since nowadays he seems to be wearing nothing but long-sleeved suits anymore!”


Sergia is not in the video business – it is a purely ”private project– if creating a shirt can be called that. I had the idea of creating a shirt with this part of a picture because I find Elton’s hands and arms prominent and masculine and because I like him and his music, and wanted to have a ‘piano shirt.’ ”


If you can help or have any ideas, please email


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