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A Chance a Picture From ”Diana in Art”
Posted by editor_usa

Wednesday 29
August 2007 @ 16:29

Yesterday this Web site previewed Diana in Art by Mem Mehmet, a collection of quotations and portraits.

Among the artists are Roch Defayette, who created an oil and acrylic on canvas.

Here Diana, seated in a long pink dress, is excogitative. Yet the overall style is surrealistic, with clouds and birds as well as various heads, including a roaring lion, Pope John Paul II, Salvador Dali, Bills Clinton and Gates, and a studious-looking Elton.

Roch says:

”I started this painting on January 1st, 1998 in honour of Lady Diana who died in August 1997 in a car accident. Born in the same year as me, Lady Di was pretty and involved in many good causes, for instance the removal of antipersonnel land mines and the elimination of child poverty. She was also one of the most prominent persons in the world. The cause of the accident was a combination of high speed drunk driving and the absence of seat belts. It could have all been avoided.

”It took 400 hours over a period of 20 months for me to complete the painting. The painting measures 4 feet high by 5 feet wide. Over the right hand shoulder of Lady Diana is a drunken man holding a bottle of wine and a priest holding a globe of the planet Earth. The flying egg represents the mother of all things.

”Every living thing originates from an egg; humans, fish, snakes, mammals, insects and birds. The flying egg in the painting holds the head by wires. It is a kind of a flying time capsule portraying life at the end of the millennium. The millennium will hold many uncertainties for mankind such as overpopulation, pollution, the extinction of species and forests, and the outbreak of war.”

The Quebec native admits that some faces in his piece may be unfamiliar, but they have been influential in his personal life.

He told EJW that he can make smaller prints of the painting for those who would like to own a copy.

His Web site is, and below is the portrait. . . .


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