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A Banker’s Dispute With The EJAF Has Been Resolved
Posted by editor_usa

Wednesday 14
September 2011 @ 17:14

The Mirror has reported that a regional director for the investment advisory firm, deVere, pledged to pay the EJAF after winning a charity auction bid at last year’s White Tie & Tiara Ball.

Spencer Lodge owed Elton’s organisation $1.1 million after winning the chance to spend a day with the singer and his partner.

The paper said that, despite Lodge signing a contract promising to pay the money to the foundation, he had not done so.

However a statement released by PIC, deVere‘s Middle East operation, said: “the issue in question has been resolved this morning.

The statement added: Mr Lodge’s involvement with the respective charity is personal and any alleged arrangement has no relation to PIC business.

Lodge has worked at deVere for over 14 years.

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