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2012 Could Prove a Record Setter For Live Shows
Posted by editor_usa

Thursday 2
February 2012 @ 16:01

Music fans have already exhibited a healthy appetite for concert tickets in the first month of 2012, which is putting the year on track to be another strong one at the box office and perhaps a record-setting one. It’s a reflection, concert industry veterans told the Los Angeles Times, of an improving economy as well as a powerhouse slate of performers who will be touring this year. Those include such longtime favourites as Elton (who also has a series of Million Dollar Piano gigs in Las Vegas), Madonna and Bruce Springsteen.

Michael Rapino, president and chief executive of Live Nation Entertainment, the world’s largest concert promoter, said business is up so far this year 14% to 15%, in terms of ticket sales and the number of shows the company is promoting.

“At this point we’re optimistic about 2012,” he said.

“We can foresee this being a record year for revenue certainly, and possibly even for attendance,” declared Gary Bongiovanni, editor of the concert-industry tracking magazine Pollstar. “We’re really going to be blessed with riches. It’s going to be great year with a wide array of artists out there working.”

Beyond the heritage acts that typically turn in the highest-grossing tours year in and year out, a number of more recently minted stars have proved capable of matching their predecessors, including tours planned for 2012 such as Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber.

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