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”100 Greatest” Compilation Includes Elton
Posted by editor_usa

Wednesday 25
August 2010 @ 16:12

VH1 is asking who the greatest musical artist of all time is.

Determined by a poll of performers and experts in the industry, VH1 will reveal the findings next month.

 Hosted by Jim Shearer of the channel’s Top 20 Video Countdownthe four-night special, premieres Monday, September 6 at 10 p.m. Eastern time.

This definitive countdown covers all sorts of genres from rock to pop to rap to metal to answer who is worthy to possess the title as “the greatest music artist of all time.”

In 1998, VH1 launched the same list as their first countdown special; however; much has changed since the dawn of the new millennium. VH1 puts this debate up for a vote again to see which rock pioneers still matter and which new acts rate in the age of download-to-own music and ever-changing pop culture. The countdown will include special, rarely-seen performance footage along with new interviews with some of music’s most famous faces.

The station will have a related Web site featuring exclusive extras including interviews and commentary. Additionally, online visitors will be able to participate by using VH1s voting tool that allows users to pick their favourites, weigh in their opinions and socially broadcast their take on the list through Twitter and Facebook.

Elton is among those represented, currently in 28th place.

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